Build a Strong Network Infrastructure with Cisco Security Solutions

Suitable network security requires the integration of a defense-in-depth approach. The first layer approach involves the enforcement of fundamental elements of network security. The essential elements form a security baseline, thus creating a solid foundation for professionals to build advanced methods and techniques.

Securing the network infrastructure is critical to overall network security, whether a router, switch, server, or other infrastructural devices. The security of management access forms the crucial element of the infrastructural devices. Compromising the infrastructure device compromises the management and security of the entire network. Consequently, it becomes critical to establish the appropriate controls to prevent unauthorized access to infrastructure devices.

Network Infrastructure Security: Overview

Network infrastructure devices offer a range of access mechanisms, such as consoles and asynchronous connections. Furthermore, they provide remote access on Telnet, rlogin, HTTP, and SSH protocols. Some mechanism work with minimum security associated with the. For example, Cisco security solutions come with a console and modern access enabled by default. Therefore, each device requires careful reviews and configuration to ensure that they only have a supported access mechanism and come with proper security.

The network security baseline presents the fundamental security element, forming the primary components in securing the network infrastructure and critical network services. Cisco cloud web security addresses the following areas of baseline security:

Additional security technologies and features become useless unless you address the baseline securities. For instance, if a default access account and password remain active on a device, the attackers will not require a sophisticated device. Instead, they can easily log in to the devices and perform their desired actions.

For a comprehensive solution, the network security baseline comes with applying the Cisco Security Framework (CSF). It offers a complete method of assessing and validating the security requirements of a system. In addition, the Cisco security solutions help create security baselines and ensure that all requirements have been considered for specific contextual areas.

Cisco Security Framework Overview

The CSF is an operational security process to ensure networking, service, availability, and business continuity. Security threats are often ever-moving targets, and the CSF helps identify the current threat vectors. Cisco security solutions further track any new and evolving threats. It performs with the best standard practices and comprehensive solutions.

The Cisco cloud web security stands upon two fundamental objectives, under the premise that it is not under the control or measure of an individual. The security solutions focus on six key actions. These include identification, monitoring, correlation, hardening, isolation, and enforcing.

Detect and Stop Threats Better with Cisco Cloud Web Security

Cisco Secure X

Secure X is a cloud-native, built-in platform experience that connects the Cisco Secure portfolio and the infrastructure. It comes with integration and openness for simplicity. It remains unified in a specific location for visibility and maximizes operational efficiency with automated workflows. This Cisco Cloud Web Security reduced threat dwell time by 72% and human-powered tasks for staying compliant and preventing any attack. It further shortens the time for threat hunting. In addition, it has better collaboration and saves 100 hours on average by orchestrating and automating security across SecOps, NetOps, and ITOps teams.

Cisco Secure Network Analysis (Stealthwatch)

With the secure network analytics from Cisco, formerly famous as Stealthwatch, outsmart emerging threats in digital business with industry-leading machine learning and behavioral modeling. The Cisco security solutions offer knowledge about the individual or team on the network and their performance using telemetry from the network infrastructure. As a result, you can detect advanced threats and respond to them quickly. It further helps in protecting the data with smarter network segmentation. With the solution, you have:

Extension of visibility to the public cloud

With the Cisco Secure Email, you can extend threat detection and respond with the built-in Secure-X platform. The security solution from Cisco rapidly detects, quarantines, investigates and remediates cyber-attacks targeting your email. It further prevents phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks through a layered approach to your email security defense. The comprehensive protection for on-premises and cloud-based email tops the most common and damaging cyber threats.

Cisco Umbrella

With the Cisco umbrella, you get flexible cloud-delivered security whenever you require it. It combines multiple security functions in one solution to better protect the devices, remote users, and distributed locations. Umbrella is the easiest and most effective way to protect the users located anywhere in a few minutes. Moreover, it can protect the integrity of all the aspects of a business to withstand unpredictable threats and changes. Cisco Umbrella further hardens your security resilience, as it secures internet access and controls cloud application usage across networks, branch offices, and roaming routers.

AnyConnect (VPN)

If you are looking to increase your remote employees’ protection and allow them to work from any device and anytime, the Cisco Secure Remote Worker solution is an excellent choice. The Cisco Cloud Web Security helps accelerate the business’ success by quickly extending flexible, policy-driven access to support remote workers across VPN, wired, and wireless. As a result, you have access to get more at affordable prices. In addition, it offers multiple services beyond the traditional VPN capabilities and successfully enables complete and secure access for remote workers.

Cisco Cyber Vision

Businesses often have deeper integration between IT, cloud, and industrial control networks, exposing industrial operations to cyber threats. The security solution facilitates OT and IT teams working together and ensuring continuity in production, resilience, and safety. A solution helps deploy industrial IoT technologies, thereby capturing the benefits of your digitization efforts.