Check out the benefits of Cisco Cloud Web Security

The current pandemic has shifted the entire work of every organization to web and cloud networks, which has further led to the increase in the risk of malware attacks. In such a situation, Cisco has come up as a reliable and reputed web security service provider and their Cisco cloud web security software has resolved the issue of intruder attacks.

The threat to data and network security has increased exponentially with the trend of remote working. Most companies manage and secure all their in-house systems, but it is very common to forget to take into consideration foreign network connection risks. That is why different companies providing IT solutions in Fort Lauderdale rely on Cisco cloud web security applications.

Benefits of Cisco cloud web security

If you run an organization that uses different networks to make it possible for teams to communicate, you can benefit from these applications in the following ways:

Real-Time Scanning

It checks every possible web content run over the systems, including the websites, videos, images, and every other thing. These security checks work round the clock and alert the moment they find something suspicious entering your network.

URL Filtration

It gives an option to all companies providing IT solutions in Fort Lauderdale to select only https URLs to prompt in the system and keep the network safe against any malware attacks. At the same time, the antimalware engines work actively to detect and filter out the URLs that look suspicious.

Threat Intelligence

Cisco has the biggest threat detection network in the world. So when you use their web and network security applications, you can rest assured that they will protect your data and network from malware of all kinds. DUO is one product, that Cisco provides, that is designed to safeguard all users, devices, and applications.

Preventing Data Loss

Cisco uses the internet content adaption protocol (ICAP) to ensure that the confidential data doesn’t leave its network at any cost. It works as an added protection, assuring no data loss.

Centralized Management

Cisco provides multiple tools to manage the security operations centrally. It means you can monitor and protect the systems at different locations from the head office.

The applications and software under the Cisco cloud web security system can benefit an organization in countless other ways. Once you use them, you can rest assured that there are zero risks involved, and your employees can work fearlessly on any provided network!