Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring Copier Dealer Miami

Hiring any dealer is not a cakewalk. When spending hard-earned money, one needs to keep plenty of factors in mind not to regret later. When hiring a copier dealer in Miami, you need to consider asking a few questions. You would be more pleased with the outcome when choosing the right question. In addition, you must learn about various specifications and features before hiring any copier dealer.

It would help if you asked some questions before hiring a copier dealer in Miami.

How much would it cost? Firstly, you need to ask the copier dealer for the total lease. You also need to check if the price is more than the sticker price. You might be paying over budget if you have the sticker price at the back of your mind. Next, you need to consider all the factors included in the MFP. The price will increase if you have any added extra features in mind. 

What is the maintenance contract’s price? Your maintenance contract is vital as the copy machine in the first place. The agreement would include the cost of maintenance and repairs, so you don’t need to pay anything out of your pocket. You can still expect some jam if your copier is new, so you shouldn’t make any mistake getting going with the contract. 

Do technicians offer services quickly? You will feel like in an emergency once your copier breaks down:

  1. You need to know that your copier is connected directly to your office’s productivity.
  2. You need to find out if the company’s technicians are accessible quickly or not.
  3. Ensure the company fixes the copier easily.

What is the response time on average? You shouldn’t sign any agreement with any copier dealer if

you don’t know the average response time. For example, the top copier dealer in Miami will receive your service calls within less than three hours. 

You would be locked in a deal once you buy the office copier, and it would be too late to change the contract then.