Managed Print Services

Looking to simplify your print management and reduce printing costs? Let Acordis help you take the first step.

Acordis provides an inclusive set of Xerox systems and solutions to meet the growing demands of customers

As a Xerox Document Technology Partner, Acordis offers complete Xerox product line solutions to our clients to fulfill everything from document creation to management requirements. Our team of professional experts has a combined 75 years of experience in document imaging and they are committed to supporting a variety of organizations to help meet their print service needs.

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Software Solutions such as DocuShare, Scan Flow Store, and PC Desktop Scanning

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360 Point Service

Acordis 360 Point Service provides a comprehensive solution for all your IT needs.

Our service includes regular supply replenishment, quarterly reviews, daily break-fix, preventative maintenance, and IT support for network connectivity. We also offer remote help desk services to provide quick solutions to any technical issues you may encounter.

With Acordis 360 Point Service, you can rest assured that your IT systems will be running smoothly and efficiently at all times.

Effective and Safe Document Management Solutions

Acordis has successfully teamed up with Nuance, Square 9 and Papercut to come up with effective solutions to simplify your business processor in different zone, including SharePoint®, electronic document filing and document capture software.

In this hi-tech world, people are looking for effective techniques to manage documents and information, enhance productivity and cost effective measures.

Want to see how Acordis helped businesses simplify their document management process? Check out our case study to see how we provide effective and safe document management solutions that enhance productivity and save costs.

Revolutionize Your Workplace Efficiency with Our Electronic Document Management System

Our company offers an efficient electronic document management system, which gives you security, consistency and mobile access techniques that can help you to eradicate a paper file storing system and retrieve space for increased productivity.

The capability to regain a document by simply clicking your mouse can considerably improve the competency of your workplace. If your office processes require an automated system, then an electronic document management system is the best choice that can deliver all your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our efficient electronic document management system and how it can benefit your business operations.

Unlocking Your Business Potential with Acordis' Technology Solutions and Expertise

Our sales experts are fully equipped with industry knowledge and capability required to identify and solve distinctive challenges of your business.

Every business whether small or large, requires guidance to make precise technology decisions. Acordis helps you complete information and the vision required for business expansion and profitability.

Discover how Acordis can help you expand and increase profitability with the help of Xerox Global Network solutions.

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Transform Your Content Management and Collaboration with DocuShare® Flex

DocuShare® Flex helps you categorize, store, organize and manage the full lifecycle of your business content in a secure central repository in the cloud. Employees manage their content through the intuitive interface where they can easily organize files.

Manage document properties, permissions and tasks.

Assign tasks and manage employee workloads.

Email content from your repository as an attachment, zip file or URL, or into a workflow.

Create team folders that drive notifications and email collaboration

Cloud access empowers workers to manage business content in DocuShare®, internally share links to content (rather than attachments)

Let us empower your team to manage business content efficiently in DocuShare®.

Transform Your Document Management Process with Our Efficient and Cost-Effective System

Our Document Management System allows you to easily and accurately scan paper documents into a secure central repository, making it simple to share, recover, and catalog documents for quick and easy access by everyone on your team.

With improved access to information, you'll be better equipped to serve your clients and gain a competitive edge in your industry. Plus, timely document storage helps protect against accidental loss, saving you time and money in the long run.

Don't wait - start saving time and improving your document management process today with our cost-effective solution.

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Perfectly scan paper documents into the central repository

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Share, recover and catalog documents so everyone can access in seconds

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Enhance business revenue through improved productivity

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Better competitive advantage as you can access info for clients

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Timely store documents to protect against accidental loss

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Cost-effective and time saving

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