Optimize Your Business For Collaboration

Acordis can improve the flow of communication using the right tools to help your business get back on track.

Let our team streamline your communication with the best solutions and optimize your business operations.

Seamless Communication with Acordis Hosted Exchange Solutions

Acordis offers the flexibility of hosted exchange and solutions that allows your organization or company to communicate more effectively.

We provide you with support 24/7, with various e-mail, collaboration, other scheduling tools to help communicate with colleagues and clients. We help manage hosted exchange software you need to help your business thrive.

  • Web and mobile versions of Microsoft 365 apps only
  • Chat, call and meet up to 300 attendees
  • 1 TB of cloud storage per user
  • Business-class email
  • Standard security
  • Anytime phone and web support

Web, mobile apps and services

Tools and Resources

Acordis provides the right tools and resources to help your team be successful across multiple platforms.

We believe streamlined and user-friendly collaboration is an effective tool in the workplace because it accommodates the need of both remote and in-house employees and places everyone on the same collaborative page no matter where they are working from.

Team Collaboration

Effective collaboration also supports new employees in getting comfortable and excited to be part of the team and provides greater flexibility for those who prefer working remotely.

We understand the need to effectively collaborate and convey your company's growing IT needs. Our experienced team will work to understand the unique challenges and layers of your business to deliver the best collaborative tools for your business needs.

System Reliability and Recovery

Even if your system is down due to a minor disaster or equipment failure, your business will not suffer communication interruptions, so clients and customers can reach you anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Acordis can provide a wide range of Cisco Phones that best suit your business' needs. Get started today!


Improve Collaboration with VOIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, better known as VOIP is one of the most cost-effective solutions to implement and increase your collaboration efforts, especially when collaborating with remote teams or employees.

VOIP also offers the benefits of Simple Setup, Continuous Connectivity, Centralized Management, Anytime Access, Add-on Features, and Low Cost and Scalability.

Conference Solutions

Collaborate with your team using productive conference solutions and other virtualizations platform to grow your small or large-based enterprise.

Get clear and concise collaborative solutions to effectively manage your company's collaboration needs. Acordis provides the latest in effective communication platforms such as video conferencing, virtualization, and VOIP.


Ready to take your business collaboration to the next level? Contact Acordis today to explore our customized collaboration solutions that will help you streamline communication, improve productivity, and enhance team collaboration.

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