Xerox Splits Into Two Multi-Billion Companies. What’s to Come for Multi-Dealer Companies?

On January 3rd, 2017 Xerox completed successfully its split into two market leading multi-billion publicly traded companies. Xerox will focus on growing its global leadership in digital printing technology and hardware, while Conduent will continue to stablish itself as a business service unit trying to regain the revenue that has declined in recent years.

Michael Novinson wrote in an article published on CRN about the recent split of Xerox, their long term vison for the future, and the concerns and expectations for multi-dealer companies such as Acordis International regarding the new era of Xerox that is ahead.

Rehan Khan, President/CEO of Acordis International mentioned to Novinson, that Acordis has lost business due to the “limited selection of Xerox’s lower-end product”, and that Acordis has experienced back-to-back price increases from Xerox over the past years. As for his expectations; Khan would like to see more formal and hands-on training around emerging markets so dealers can win net new business in a more effective way.

So far, it seems that the Xerox’s split has been well received in the market with a 20 percent spike in their shares. “Today is an historic day for Xerox. The successful completion of the separation sharpens our market focus and commitment to our customers,” Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson said in a news release.

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